SMK Training Knock & Reset Squirrel Target

Brand: SMK
Price: £19.96
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If your shot hits the kill zone, the paddle falls over. A hit on the reset paddle sets the kill zone paddle back up. Heavy metal construction, Suitable for all power air rifles in any calibre, 30cm sharp heavy spike for solid ground insertion, Fun as well as field target practicing.

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SMK Target Holder Pellet Catcher - 17cm Square

The SMK pellet traps allow both safety and fun, made from heavy gauge steel and especially designed to deflect the pellets down and inwards. Solid construction, Heavy gauge steel, Square shaped with deflect angle back to collect pellets safely and avoid ricochets, Wall mountable or free standing, Paper target slot in front. 14cm and 17cm square versions available.

SMK Pellet Trap with Duck Target

Knock down and reset the single duck target. Solid steel construction, Holds standard 17cm paper targets and catches pellets.