Realtree APHD Rifle Sling for 1" Swivels (Wide Top)

Brand: Vero Vellini
Product Code: V19042
Price: £30.67
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Vero Vellini Camo Air Cushion Slings - V19042 Realtree Sling for 1" Swivels. If you're carrying a heavier rifle, or simply want more support, the Premium AirCushion rifle slings feature edge piping around the entire neoprene pad. These rifle slings will offer more durability and a stylish finished look. They're available in a Forest green with brown piping and leather accents, a black on black tactical finish, or in Realtree AP-HD. Available in standard rifle slings and wide-top widths.

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Realtree APHD Rifle Sling for 1 inch Swivels (Std Width)

Vero Vellini Camo Air Cushion Slings - V17042 Realtree Sling for 1" Swivels. Vero Vellini Camo Slings offer the firmest level of support, while giving you an unparalleled slip proof finish on the contact patch of the sling. Available in the most popular camouflage patterns, the slings use durable Dupont® Cordura® nylon for maximum wear and durability. All edges are piped to prevent fraying and the Cordura® is laminated to the neoprene surface for a smooth even finish.

Outdoor Binocular/Camera Strap - Brown

Vero Vellini Outdoor Binocular/Camera Strap - V16030 Brown. The first thing you’ll notice is attention to detail to these handcrafted straps for your camera, binocular or camcorder. The comfort and stretch feels amazing and makes your equipment seem weightless. The non-slip gripping surface is unrivaled because it simply won’t slip off your shoulder. 30 mm wide. Recommended static weight limit 10 lbs.