Brand: Geo bate
Model: N/A
Style: Game
Chamber: 12g
Action: SBS BLE
Cast: Right Handed
Condition: Excellent used
Stock Length: 14"
Barrel Length: 28"
Twist / Choke: L=1/2 R=1/4
Product Code: S9153
Price: £795.00
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A well kept example of tis well known, popular English gunmaker. Retaining much of its original blacking. Stock and forend in good condition with good chequering, scrollback and drop points. Fitted with a silvers style recoil pad.

Other 12g Guns

A clean example of this budget gun. the gun is a multichoke but only comes with the chokes in the gun.


An early tidy example of this entry level game gun. Plain walnut stock with checkered forend and a laquer finish. Some bumps and abrasions to wood work. The blacking is in good order for it's age. Single trigger, fixed choke, non ejector.