Brand: BSA
Model: Hunter
Style: Stalking
Chamber: 308 Win
Action: Bolt Action
Cast: Right Handed
Condition: Excellent used
Stock Length: 14 1/2""
Barrel Length: 24""
Twist / Choke: 1in10
Product Code: S8898
Price: £395.00
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A good example of this early classic rifle, the rifle is in very good condition for its age.fitted with a ventilated recoil pad and comes with millet angle lock 1" rings

Other 308 Win Guns

A good serviceable example of this Australian target rifle. The woodwork is in good condition. Metalwork is also in good condition. The bore is almost new with an excellent throat, muzzle and good definition in the lands and grooves. The rifle is fitted with a NO4 style front sling swivel, as well as the popular trianglar midrif swivel. Comes complete with a fitted set of AJ Parker model TZ 4/47 apeture sights including micrometer style rear sight and 'Matchmaker' front sight tunnel.


A Parker Hale M84 rebarreled by john knight with a Border (Archer) barrel, rule 150 checked by ourselves. comes with an sm300 front sight tunnel, a Parker Hale PH5E rear apeture sight, two sling swivels for either single or two point sling atachment, it has previousley been rebedded and has an M85 style bolt handle.