Brand: Taurus/Accles&Shelvoke
Model: N/A
Style: Bulleted 1 Shot
Chamber: 32 ACP
Action: Revolver
Cast: N/A
Condition: Second Hand
Stock Length: N/A"
Barrel Length: 2 1/2"
Twist / Choke: N/A
Product Code: S3192
Price: £456.00
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An Accles & Shelvoke single shot conversion to a Taurus revolver. Hammer spur removed to operate on double action only. Fully reconditioned.

Other 32 ACP Guns

one of our recently converted examples of a Webley service revolver to a humane dispatch in 32 ACP. comes complete with an MAE sound moderator (S9203)

To be confirmed

A popular bulleted humane killer based on a Italian flare gun frame. Single action hammer, side lever opening, muzzle ported and counter bored. Plastic grips and trigger guard.