Brand: Parker Hale
Model: CGP
Style: Tactical
Chamber: .223
Action: Bolt Action
Cast: Right Handed
Condition: Second Hand
Stock Length: Adj"
Barrel Length: 19"
Twist / Choke: 1 in 8
Product Code: S0565
Price: £350.00
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Prototype Cadet General Purpose. Muzzle brake and adjustable military style front sight. No provision for rear sight. Rear locking lug. Double stack magazine. Military two stage trigger. Prototype pistol grip stock with hand guard and butt spacer system a

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A great example of this extreamly prolific bolt action rifle. this Remington 700 SPS is sporting a stainless steel barreled action and a synthetic stock, making for an extremly durable rifle, perfect for feild use. the barrel has been screwcut to 1/2"UNF the action is also fitted with a set of weaver scope blocks.


An excellent condition example of this popular rifle, with its palm swell synthetic stock and aluminum bedding block. the 1 in 9 twist is best suited to the heavier projectiles.