Case Length Guage & Shell Holder - 244 Rem (6mm Rem)

Brand: Lee
Product Code: 90120
Price: £5.29
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Case Length Guage & Shell Holder - 6mm Rem (244 Rem)

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Cutter & Lock Stud (Case Trimmer)

The simplest way to check the case and trim to the correct safe length is with a Lee Case Trimmer. After a case has been loaded a few times, it will stretch beyond maximum length and must be trimmed. The Cutter and Lock Stud works for all calibers. You will need only one. The Case Length Gauge (Pilot) and Shell Holder must be ordered as Case Length Gauge and shell holder for each caliber. Trim cases by hand or electrically. Can be used with an elecrtric drill to trim, chamfer and polish cases faster. Eliminates danger of long cases. Squares the mouth for more accurate bullet seating and exit.

Safety Powder Scale

Try this simple test to see how sensitive your scale really is. Cut a piece of regular writing paper 5/16 inch square. With scale set on zero drop the paper on the pan to see if it moves. It should read about .1 grain. Keep adding paper squares until it does move. The total number of squares needed to move your scale is your scale's sensitivity. We have seen digital powder scales that are only sensitive to 1/2 grain (FIVE paper squares) A Lee Safety Scale will move with the first paper.