Case Length Guage & Shell Holder - 270 WSM

Brand: Lee
Product Code: 90117
Price: £5.29
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Case Length Guage & Shell Holder - 270 WSM

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Autoprime XR (Square)

The Lee Auto-Prime the original automatic hand held priming tool patented and introduced in 1979 has been improved. Ask any old hand the best way to prime and guaranteed, Auto Prime will be the first words from their lips. The Auto-Prime had just one limitation; only certain brands of primers can be used because some brands could chain fire if used improperly. Anyone buying primers today knows finding your favorite brand of primer can be difficult if not impossible. If you have been loading for a few years you also know that the packaging has become larger. The new Auto-Prime XR eliminates the primer brand restriction so any brand primer is now usable. The new Auto-Prime XR features a patent pending elevator pin. This pin safely separates a single primer from the others and presents it for priming reducing the likelihood of a chain fire. The new tool also has a new unbreakable comfort curve lever and large and small primer trays with slide on covers that comfortably accepts all brands of primer boxes.

Case Length Guage & Shell Holder - 223 Rem

Case Length Guage & Shell Holder - 223 Rem