Mec Steelmaster Single Stage Shotshell Reloading Press - 10g

Brand: MEC
Product Code: 863910
Price: £311.74
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The MEC Steelmaster is the only shotshell reloader that comes specifically equipped to load steel shotshells. And the bonus? It works equally well for lead shotshells. The Steelmaster's resize station handles brass or steel heads in either high or low base. The E-Z Prime auto primer feed, which dispenses primers automatically, is standard equipment.

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Mec Jnr 600 Shotshell Reloading Press (Mk5) - 28g

MEC has redesigned the 600 Jr to include popular features found on more expensive models. Novice and seasoned gunners will appreciate these new features along with the time-tested excellence this single-stage reloader has provided over the years with quick, simple operation and a minimum of effort. The MEC 600 Jr. Mark 5 can load eight to ten boxes per hour, and can be upgraded at a later date with the 285 CA primer feed, which eliminates the need to handle each primer individually. Best of all, the price won't shoot anyone's budget. The press is adjustable for 3" shells, and is available in 10, 12 16, 20, 28 gauge and .410 bore. Die sets are available in all gauges.

Mec 650N Shotshell Reloading Press - 28g

The MEC 650N gives maximum performance with a minimum of effort. It works on six shells at once. With every stroke, a reloaded shell is completed. The MEC 650N does not resize except as a separate operation. This is the ideal press for the person who wishes to resize and inspect their shells as a separate operation. The MEC SuperSizer is recommended to fill your resizing needs. The MEC 650N has three crimping stations. The first station starts the crimp. The second closes the crimp. And the third station places the taper on the shell that is so important for proper feeding in a pump or automatic. Available in 12, 16, 20, 28 gauge, and .410 bore. Die sets are not available. The Automatic Primer feed is standard. Fill with a full box of primers and the MEC 650N does the rest.