.28 (7mm) Nylon Brush

Brand: pro shot
Product Code: 7NR
Price: £2.09
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Nylon Bristle Bore Brushes with Brass Core. Recommended by some Pistol manufacturers for use with their barrels.

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.22 Cal Mop

Pro-Shot Pistol and Rifle bore mops are 100% cotton and manufactured with a brass core and looped end. They are manufactured of the highest quality construction possible. Pro-Shot Shotgun bore mops are wool with a brass core and looped end. Mops are especially excellent when using oil for bore lubrication because they create foaming action that helps in the lubrication process. Mops can be used for quick cleaning and bore lubrication.

Bio 4x Gun Oil in 1 oz. Needle Oiler

Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Odor-Free Lubricant 4X (FOUR TIMES) as lubricious as petroleum based lubricants Deters water Made from renewable USA-grown crops-based vegetable oils Reduces foreign oil dependence Helps parts function better—frees rusted parts, prevents corrosion Instantly penetrates and lasts longer, so it can be applied less often Reduces heat and friction better than petroleum-based products Higher flashpoint than petroleum, so it’s safer to use Higher viscosity so it’s less likely to thin out at a higher temperatures Higher film strength so it can withstand pressure better Multi-purpose and All-weather lubricant and penetrant -40° to 590° F Operating Temperature Range