287 Nitride Neck Sizing Bushing

Brand: Redding
Product Code: 76287
Price: £27.90
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Nitride Neck Sizing Bushings

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Competition Shell holder Set #1 .308

Makes every die a custom die! Now you can control headspace. The new Redding Competition Shell holders are packaged in five piece sets in .002 increments (+.002, +.004. +.006, +.008 and +.010). Each shell holder has a distinct black oxide finish and is clearly marked to indicate the amount it will decrease case-to-chamber headspace. You can now easily adjust the shoulder bump to customize cases to your specific chamber. (5 Piece Set includes Shell holder box).

223 Remington Neck Sizing Die (Series A)

Rifle and Handgun Die Sets - Series A Die Set For Bottle Neck Cases. Neck Sizing Die