245 Nitride Neck Sizing Bushing

Brand: Redding
Product Code: 76245
Price: £27.90
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Nitride Neck Sizing Bushings

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Case Trimming Lathe Model #TR 1400

The Model #1400-XT Case Trimming Lathe uses a cast iron frame that has been extended to handle all the latest long action cartridges. The frame is cast iron because it is a perfect bearing surface, will not wear out and will maintain its p recision and alignment for years of service. Supplied with: Universal collet fits all popular cases, TiN (Titanium Nitride) coated replaceable cutter, Six pilots - .22 cal., 6mm, .25 cal., .270 cal., 7mm and .30 cal, Two neck cleaning brushes (.22 thru .30 cal.), Large and small primer pocket cleaners.

327 Nitride Neck Sizing Bushing

Nitride Neck Sizing Bushings