Wheeler 1" Nylon/Brass Hammer

Brand: Wheeler Engineering
Product Code: 711016
Price: £17.28
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Likely to become your favorite hammer at the bench or on the range. Nylon face is non-marring and is great for alignment and other uses where a steel hammer is not appropriate. Brass face can be used for driving pins and punches, and a multitude of other uses. 11" overall. Weighs 8 oz.

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Wheeler 8 piece Steel Pin Punch Set

Quality crafted Steel Punch Set assists the gunsmith in assembly and disassembly of all kinds of firearms. Reduce the chances of marring and burring that can occur with improperly sized or makeshift punches. The steel set contains eight precision crafted pin punches in sizes you can use. Steel: 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16". Handy rollup pouch keeps your punches clean and in order. Overall length 4".

Wheeler Ring Align / Lap Kit 30mm

Aligning and lapping of new rings should become the standard practice whenever a scope is installed on a quality firearm. The alignment bars in this kit provide for perfect alignment of both rings and will also diagnose any misalignment problem, vertical or horizontal, giving you the opportunity to fix the problem before damaging the scope or experiencing frustration at the range. The lapping bar is used to lap the rings to improve alignment, reduce stress on the scope and improve the grip of the rings on the scope. It also serves as a lever to rotate dovetail rings into place. Lapping the rings can also minimize or prevent ring marring of the scope. Kit includes: Two 30mm alignment bars, 30mm lapping bar, lapping bar handle, 220 grit lapping compound, complete instructions.