.20 Cal Phosphor Bronze Rifle Brush

Brand: pro shot
Product Code: 20R
Price: £2.80
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"Benchrest Quality",tm brush consists of a Brass Core, Bronze Bristles, Brass Coupling, Looped End, Oversized Diameter, and Caliber or MM Specific. The Ultimate BORE BRUSH that out performs and lasts longer than the competition. YOUR FIREARMS DESERVE THE BEST IN GUN CARE, invest in a Pro-Shot "Benchrest Quality"tm bore brush! ,BR> Designed for competition shooters to withstand frequent use. Pro-Shot’s Benchrest Quality Brush has been used for many years with several world records to its credit. This bore brush is exceptional for bore cleaning with superior cleaning ability and it will not harm the bore. All Pro-Shot Benchrest Bore Cleaning Brushes have a specific size for each caliber with each brush being oversized for extended life. All brushes have #8-32 thread, except .17 & .20 Cal. which is #5-40 thread.

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1 3/4" Square Patches x500 (7mm - .38 - 6mm Benchrest)

Pro-Shot 100% Cotton Flannel Patches have become known worldwide for their superior cleaning ability.Our reputation for superior quality products began when we madeour first bag of patches over 27 years ago. Now after manufacturing millions of patches, our quality and superior cleaning patches have become sought after by the most accurate-minded shooters in the world. The fact is well-known that nothing surpasses 100% COTTON FLANNEL FABRIC for purposes of absorbing foreign matter and residue, and in turn carry it through the BORE with the LEAST amount of abrasive contact to the barrel’s rifling. Regular cleaning helps to reduce leading and metal fouling which is something that builds upon itself over a period of time. This will cause subtle deterioration of group size and “FLYERS”. All of PRO-SHOT patch material is 100% cotton flannel finished both sides. 100% American Made Cotton Flannel - Finished Both Sides for extra absorbency!