Stock Refinishing Kit, Formula #5

Brand: Miles Gilbert
Product Code: 139021
Price: £46.08
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Refinishing a gunstock can be a satisfying and rewarding experience. Removing the years of wear or neglect and replacing them with a beautiful, durable finish with your own hands provides a deep sense of fulfillment, and may increase the value of your favorite firearm. The Miles Gilbert Gunstock Re-Finish Kit matches the very finest finishing materials and supplies with an easy to follow, professionally produced instructional DVD to allow even the first-time user the opportunity to produce a masterpiece. Formula #5 Classic American Oil Finish is the absolute top of the line hand-applied oil finish for walnut gunstocks. It creates a tough, protective, yet attractive appearance that includes options for low, medium or high gloss. We recommend this kit for all hunting and target guns. Kit includes: Finish remover, Sandpaper, Sealer, Filler with stain, Finish and polishing compounds, Instructional DVD.

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