Rock Island Rifle Model 1903

Brand: C S Ferris
Product Code: 1/888722/118
Price: £21.22
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The Rock Island Rifle Model 1903 provides both the beginning & advanced collector of the Rock Island Arsenal Model 1903 rifle with a depth of information heretofore unavailable. The standard reference works on the M1903 include little detailed information specific to the R.I.A. '03, while this book is devoted solely to the Rock Island Arsenal Model 1903 rifle. Chapters are devoted to the history of Rock Island Arsenal, its first M1903 rifle production period (1904-1913), early alterations, its second rifle production period (World War I), post-War events, barrel date/serial number correlation, production numbers, the 1919 National Match rifles, final inspectors (cartouches), bayonets, scabbards, slings, marksmanship badges, and the Rock Island Arsenal Museum. 121 photos & drawintgs; 6x9 inches, 177 pgs.

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