British Enfield Rifles Vol 2

Brand: Charles R Stratton
Product Code: 1/882391/241
Price: £17.81
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Charles Stratton has done his usual admirable job of organizing a vast body of information and make it clear and concise for the experienced historian and collector as well as the novice. This is the second in a projected four volume series with each book appearing at approximately 18 month intervals.

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British Enfield Rifles Vol 1

Charles Stratton has done an admirable job in The Enfield Rifle, Vol. 1, The SMLE (No.1) Mk I and Mk III, of organizing information about a complicated subject. The very clear and understandable text plus concise line drawings and easy-to-understand charts make it possible for the collector and shooter to know the SMLE rifle thoroughly. Charles Stratton's also provides a thorough history of the development of the SMLE and decipher's the often mysterious inspection, store keeper's and unit identification markings found on complete rifles, but also on each individual part. Charts, text, line drawings and photos show the collector and arms historian how to determine the origin and age of each part as well as the overall rifle. He decodes all the markings and relates then to specific arsenals. Collectors and shooters will find all the information needed to understand the origins of this fine military rifle, determine its duty stations in many instances and assemble, disassemble (no mean trick) and maintain it in this book.