Hunters Guide to Accurate Shooting

Brand: Wanye Van Zwoll
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Everyone knows that practice makes perfect and that is no truer than in shooting, where practice at the rifle range does, indeed, make you a better shooter. But there is more to it than that. When you are in the field, hunting white-tailed deer, can you make that 100-yard uphill shot at a buck walking through thick timber? Can you make a 300-yard shot on a pronghorn that’s moving rapidly and about to disappear into that swale? Or how about that bull elk down in the canyon that’s following his harem of cows; the wind is gusting where you are, and swirling down below. Can you make that shot? Bright light, low light, mottled shadows—can you shoot accurately in all of those situations? As you can see, shooting accurately is more than just placing the crosshairs on a stationary bull’s-eye 100 yards away and squeezing the trigger. It’s actually being able to adapt, to read each situation and adjust accordingly. Much depends on what you are shooting. Does your 30/06 shoot accurately with 165-grain bullets or with 180-grain bullets? Your 270: Does it shoot more efficiently with Federal cartridges, or Winchesters… or something else? Do you shoot a 300 Win Mag more accurately than a 338 Win Mag, simply because the perceived recoil is different? In The Hunter’s Guide to Accurate Shooting, firearms expert Wayne Van Zwoll tells you exactly how to shoot your big-game rifle accurately. Taking into consideration every pertinent factor, Van Zwoll leads you on a step-by-step analysis of shooting and hunting with the big-game rifle. This is a book that all shooters—all hunters—will want to read, and read again. Your hunting success could depend on it. 6x9; 288 pgs.

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