Ultimate Guide To Wilderness Navigation

Brand: Scottie Barnes, Cliff Jacobson, & James Churchill
Product Code: 1/58574/4905
Price: £12.67
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Hikers, backpackers, hunters, fisherman, canoeists, kayakers-anyone who spends serious time in the outdoors can benefit from The Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Navigation. With important sections on using GPS and map and compass, and with solid advice on how to survive potentially life-threatening situations, this book is one you'll want to keep in your backpack no matter where you go, or when. With GPS (global positioning system), discover how to leave an electronic trail to find your way back after a day or days afield; store the coordinate addresses of important locations; use your GPS receiver in conjunction with a map and compass; and navigate the GPS market to find the receiver that best suits your needs. With map and compass, you'll learn how to choose and use the type of compass that's right for the situations you frequently encounter. You'll learn how to read and understand contour lines and other map features, plot a course and find your way through the wilderness, use a map and compass in concert with a GPS receiver; plus you'll get useful information on where to find and order all the maps you need for upcoming trips. With GPS and map and compass, you should never get lost. If you do find yourself in a situation where you can't get back to your starting point before dark-be it due to injury, bad timing, poor weather, or any other number of factors-then you'll find the survival section of this book to be of the utmost help. Here, you'll learn techniques for building a fire in any situation, with or without matches; how to find safe sources of potable water; how to forage and trap for food; build a shelter to survive the elements; and how to signal for help. An information-packed tool for the novice and a handy reference for the seasoned outdoorsman, this volume distills years of knowledge from three experts in the field.

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