History of Winchester Rifles

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A comprehensive history of the world's most famous rifle, with over 150 dazzling full-color photographs. The History of Winchester Rifles is a captivating and wonderfully photographed history of one of the most legendary names in gun lore. Oliver Winchester, the founder of the company, was an astute businessman who hired the best rifle designers and also acquired companies and patents in order to create a range of firearms that were produced in the thousands for years. His rifles were the favorite weapons of the cowboys and lawmen of the West, and are now highly sought-after and valuable collectibles throughout the world. The History of Winchester Rifles describes in magnificent detail all of the Winchester rifles, including the most used rifle in the history of the West, the phenomenally successful Winchester '73 repeating rifle. Complete with more than 150 full-color photographs of the rifles and of various gun-making artifacts, copies of designers' drawings, and interesting photographs of the rifles in the hands of users from both sides of the law, The History of Winchester Rifles is a perfect addition to the library of Wild West buffs, amateur historians, and lovers of firearms.Complete with 150+ color photos of rifles & various gun-making artifacts, & men from both sides of the law holding them. Full color; 8x11 inches, 144 pgs.

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