Guides of the North Woods: Hunting and Fishing Tales From Nova Scotia 1860-1960

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Hunting, fishing & woodsmanship are inscribed in North American culture. Once the survival skills of the Mi'kmaq people, they became recreational pastimes for British officers arriving in Nova Scotia in the 19th century. The native people became wilderness guides for these "sports," passing on their guiding skills to white men as well. Author Mike Parker resurrects how native & white men shared the call of the wilderness, traveling miles on foot or by canoe, hunting moose & deer or fishing trout & salmon. Through interviews with the last of the old-time guides, Mike Parker has preserved the traditions of guiding, as well as many hilarious & hair-raising stories. In their own words, the guides recall their experiences, the people, & the camps, and testify to the changes that have depleted the wilderness of game & the rivers of fish. B&W illus & photos; 7x10 inches, 254 pgs.

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