Status of Steel Handload Steel

Brand: Ballistic Products Inc.
Product Code: 0/BAL/MSTEEL
Price: £12.98
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From Ballistic Products' load test facility to the pages of this manual, get your information directly from the source of high performance shotgun ammunition. Latest information and loads. If your are willing to follow the easy-reading format, you will be able to load and use superior steel shot ammunition in the field. Explains the "hows and whys" of shotshell ballistics presented clearly enough for beginners to learn right along with the experts. Once the fundamentals of steel shot ballistics are explained, the linear presentation progresses to advantages gained by using expert reloading technique. All steel recipes included and indexed for 10, 12, and 16 gauge. The 12th edition is expanded, with new information and many new loads. Expanded; new info. 72 pgs.

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