Mighty 10 Gauge

Brand: Ballistic Products
Product Code: 0/BAL/M10
Price: £12.80
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From Ballistic Products' load test facility to the pages of this manual, get your information directly from the source of high performance shotgun ammunition. This manual provides excellent loading and shooting information for the BIG shotguns - directly from the source of big-bore technology, BPI. Everything from practical load application to "care and feeding" of 10 gauge shotguns! More new data about lead and steel loads for the BPD10 and BPD10-Tuff wads.

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Advantages IV

From the rear Cover: When we draw a bead on a target we want and expect our shots to count. We are much cooler people when we don’t miss; held in higher regard by all those around us. To be the best at your sport need to understand your equipment, including ammunition, Our job, at Ballistic Products, Inc., is to provide you with tools. We provide the information and hardware to make customized shotsheli ammunition. By using the tools we provide, you create the cusomized, high-performance ammunition; a direct link with your success. In the pages of this manual, we are going to help you to more specifically define your needs and offer component choices suited to your shooting. We have includes vast amounts of information from the origins of reloading to the finer points of MASTER LOADS, including data for 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 and .410 with lead, bismuth, steel and Hevi..Shot®. Anyone who has ever wanted to master the art of reloading will find this book enjoyable, educational and indispensible. No one should be satisfied being an average shotgunner. You make your own ammunition and you discover potential hidden inside your shotshells, and maybe even yourself.