Rifle Bullets For The Hunter: A Definitive Study

Brand: D Campbell (Editor)
Product Code: 0/9789580/04
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This book is the first comprehensive in depth look at bullets for the rifle hunter. A collection of the top gun & outdoor writers have been assembled to bring to you bullet knowledge from their particular fields of expertise. Every nuance of hunting with rifle bullets is discussed in depth. Rifle Bullets for the Hunter promises to be the definitive study on hunting with rifle bullets. Inside you will find detailed instructions on testing bullets in various medias, guidelines for evaluating the results and suggestions on how to select the bullet to best suit your hunting needs. Chapters Include: A Short History of Hunting Bullets, Theories on Stopping Power, Testing Rifle Bullets, Varmint and Small Game Bullets, Deer Bullets, Bullets for Big Game, Cast Bullets, Muzzleloading Bullets, Solids, Whitetails, Werewolves and the Future 125 color photos; 316 pgs.

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