Pejsa's Handbook of Ballistics

Brand: Arthur J Pejsa
Product Code: 0/974990/x10
Price: £19.42
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Covers a wide range of informative topics. Useful topics organized for field use. The advanced novel methods devised by Arthur Pejsa permit air drag to be modeled precisely by simple, exact formulas for unheard-of precision. The software program computes trajectories, velocity, flight time, wind deflection, etc. with near-perfect accuracy. Other programs assume a fixed drag curve, usually that prescribed by the popular Ingalls Tables, which poorly fit the drag curves of modern, streamlined projectiles. With the Pejsa Ballistics program, velocity & drag data can be matched, permitting unequaled precision. With this program, shooters may, for instance, specify any hit height at any range or a maximum height at midrange. Output data may be in tables or plotted as curves. Ballistic coefficients, recoil, midrange, etc. may be computed as well as effects of temperature, altitude & inclines. This superior program is user-friendly, complete &, above all, ACCURATE enough to serve as the reference for evaluating other formulas & programs.

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