Restoring and Shooting The Antique Single Shot Rifle

Brand: Croft Barker
Product Code: 0/9715128/17
Price: £24.05
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Takes the shooter/collector from the first transitional centerfire single shots of the 1860s through shooting the black powder match rifle today. 15 separate chapters on buying the rifle, smokeless and black powder reloading, care and use of antique sights, cleaning and preservation, stock repair, disassembly, and other subjects are addressed in a well illustrated easy - to - read format. The chapter on hunting is particularly interesting and gives both modern and original loads ( with actual "hunting tales") for game ranging from turkeys to buffalo. An extensive Suppliers Section accesses various antique sight and rifle repair/parts services, reloading equipment, hard-to-find cases, moulds, etc. Barker's easy going and clear style makes it a pleasure to read. 50+ photos; 6x9 inches, 208 pages.

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