Cartridges of the World 12th Edition

Brand: Krause Publications
Product Code: 0/89689/936/5
Price: £31.75
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Cartridges of the World, 12th Edition" is for the arms enthusiast seeking concise information of new and currently manufactured firearms. Heavily illustrated with approximately 1500 photos, this book is perfect for the reader whose interest is focused on the hardware currently available from the firearms industry. Each edition is eagerly received by the market, especially today due to the high number of new commercial cartridges introduced in recent years, the re-manufacture of certain cartridges previously considered obsolete and the growth in handloading driven by high-cost factory ammunition. It features: updated chapters on all types of U.S. and foreign cartridges and shotshells; chapter subjects include current American rifle cartridges, wildcat cartridges, proprietary cartridges, rifle and handgun cartridges of the world - plus an extensive reference section for cartridge identification and dimensional specifications; fresh new color-illustrated articles by ammunition experts; and, an addition of dimensional cartridge drawings, handloading data, firearm illustrations to many of the cartridge listings

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