Knives 2010: 30th Annual

Brand: Joe Kertzman (Editor)
Product Code: 0/89689/855/5
Price: £24.58
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Finest forged & artistic works of the greatest knifemakers. Easy-to-follow format collectors respect, & the updated reference & marketplace review they need. The world's greatest knife book. Contains DVD of unique material with knife expert Jim Ferguson demonstrating how to assemble a knife from a kit-a popular practice among knife enthusiasts. Showcases the most complete and up-to-date list of custom knifemakers, knifemaking groups, suppliers and related services Contains color photographs of the most beautiful custom knives in the world ranging in value from $100 to $150,000. The “world’s greatest knife book” is now fully updated to include the newest knives on the market and an exploration of the latest trends in knives and knifemaking. Readers will enjoy the 1,000+ photographs displaying the elaborate designs from top custom knifemakers around the country, with styles ranging from the classic favorites to the innovative modern looks. Feature articles have been revised and updated to review the most current trends in the industry and marketplace, and updated directories provide information on custom knifemakers, knife services, suppliers, knifemaker’s club membership lists, and much more. Displays hundreds of today’s top custom knives, Features over 1000 color photos. New feature articles explore the latest trends, designs and styles in the market. 1000+ color photos; 8x11 inches, 312 pgs.

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