Predators Calling with Gerry Blair: 2nd Edition

Brand: Gerry Blair
Product Code: 0/89689/4762
Price: £19.42
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When Gerry Blair calls, predators listen and come running. In Predator Calling with Gerry Blair, Gerry teaches you the tricks, tips and techniques he has honed in his many years of hunting experience. You'll learn: Why animals come to call and why, at times, they won't, The different calls you can use and the best time to use them, How to play the wind, weather and the environment to your advantage, Which guns are the best for given situations, How to learn from your mistakes. Blair covers coyotes, bears, lions and other cats, as well as fox and raccoons. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced hunter, you'll reap the rewards of Gerry Blair's many years of calling experience and be on your way to a successful hunt. 200 color photos; 6x9 inches, 304 pgs.

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