Complete Blackpowder Handbook 5th Edtion

Brand: Sam Fadala
Product Code: 0/89689/390/1
Price: £25.63
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Blackpowder authority, Sam Fadala packs the entire sport of blackpowder shooting into this new edition. This authoritative reference offers readers the latest in guns and gear, and shares advice and tips for getting the most out of blackpowder hunting and recreational shooting. It offers: practical how-to direction on outfitting muzzleloading firearms for hunting with current hardware and accessories; updated source list of blackpowder gun and accessory retailers, periodicals and reference books and shooting organizations; and, more than 650 detailed photos illustrating new gear and demonstrating effective techniques. Shooters and collectors will find new reasons and ways to enjoy their hobby more in this ultimate textbook to blackpowder shooting!

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