Mauser Military Rifles Of The World 4th Edition

Brand: Robert W D Ball
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Expanded edition; new & rare Mauser info & photos of these historic rifles & the wars in which they were carried. Ultimate Mauser reference. This country-by-country review of Mauser rifles has become the classic reference for military weapons historians and collectors. Mauser military rifles offer collectors almost unlimited variations, and author Bob Ball continues to find rare and interesting specimens. Now, in the third edition of this popular book, even more fascinating information on the highly sought after Mauser rifle has been uncovered and added to this edition. Early blackpowder models; 200 new photos. This expanded 3rd edition feature 32 pages of information on the early blackpowder Mausers and an additional 64-page color section, including photos of rare Argentinean Mausers that were recently discovered. Numerous updates, expanded listings, and more than 1000 photos make this a must-have reference for Mauser fans. Every detail is presented, from the length and weight of the rifle to the manufacturerÂ’s markings. This book shows collectors precisely how to identify every model from 1871 to 1945 and provides production figures and the relative rarity of each model. Because Mauser rifles were produced under contract in so many different nations, the book is organized alphabetically by country and the year of production. Historic photos of the rifles in action, Detailed photos of markings and insignia, New photos of rare rifles.1300+ color photos, 8x11 inches; 448 pgs.

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