Dead On Long Range Marksman

Brand: Tony M Noblitt & Warren Gabrilska
Product Code: 0/87364/997/4
Price: £19.36
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Informative manual guides you through every step of becoming an accomplished shot. Includes: identifying bullet flight characteristics, shooting through mirages, estimating wind values, mounting a scope to a rifle, reloading, & much more. Many charts, B&W photos; 6x9 inches, 172 pgs. This hands-on manual walks the shooter through every step required to become a true long-range marksman, from understanding minute-of-angle principles and selecting a rifle, caliber and cartridge to mounting and zeroing a scope, estimating wind values, dealing with mirage, understanding bore sighting, selecting and using iron sights, shooting with a variety of slings, performing preventive maintenance on your rifle and using range finders. Includes scope adjustment charts for a long list of rounds.

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