Reloading For Shotgunners

Brand: Rick Sapp
Product Code: 0/87349/8135
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This is the one reloading guide every shotgunner should own! This new 5th edition of Reloading for Shotgunners teaches the shotshell, slug & buckshot reloader all the basics of the art, plus advanced techniques for loading everything from field to high-performance target loads. This edition contains all-new feature articles on the evolution of the shotgun & shotshell, shotgun anatomy, caring for reloading tools, and much more valuable information including a greatly expanded section on non-toxic shot. The massive data section containing the most comprehensive & current load data available, with over 11,000 loads organized by gauge, hull type & shot charge, is sure to make this book the jmost often-used reference in the workshop. Shotgunners won't find an easier to follow or more comprehensive guide! Teaches the basics of reloading & advanced techniques, All-new feature articles on the latest trends in reloading, Comphrehensive data section offers current load data. 600+ B&W photos; 8.5x11 inches, 304 pgs.

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