Antique Firearms Assembly & Disassembly

Brand: D Chicoine
Product Code: 0/87349/7678
Price: £26.29
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Whether collector, cowboy or active shooter, this comprehensive reference is the guide enthusiasts need to bring the past alive with precision instructions and 600+ full-size photographs. Antique firearms Assembly/Disassembly offers historic information and complete step-by-step details for popular antique and hard-to-find firearms manufactured around the mid 1800s and into the early 1900s. More than 60 firearms are included in this resource devoted to antique and obsolete models, and replicas. Each listing includes a history of the weapon, highlighting unique features of the model, a large-scale drawing outlining component parts, and details everyone, including gunsmiths, police armory enthusiasts, forensic scientists or arms collectors will enjoy. The wide variety of guns featured including the Winchester 1873, Colt Lightning Rifle, Colt 1873 SAA and Smith & Wesson No.3, create a resource unequaled by any.

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