Basic Essentials, Archery

Brand: Beth L.Habeishi & Stephanie Mallory
Product Code: 0/76273045/5
Price: £6.13
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Learn the history of the sport, essentials of archery equip & gear, safety, technique, equip care & maintenance, target shooting, & competition. For a generation, the Basic Essentials series has been as much a part of the outdoors experience as backpacks and hiking boots. Information-packed tools for the novice or handy references for the veteran, these volumes distill years of knowledge into affordable and portable books. Whether readers are planning a trip or thumbing for facts in the field, these books tell them what they need to know. In Basic Essentials Archery readers will learn the history of the sport, essentials of archery equipment and gear, safety, technique, equipment care and maintenance, target shooting, and competition. 30 B&W photos & illus., 6x9 inches; 96 pgs.

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