Illustrated Manual of Sniper Skills

Brand: Mark Spicer
Product Code: 0/7603/26746
Price: £21.47
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Techniques and tactics of use to the professional and recreational marksman alike. This heavily illustrated manual provides a timely, in-depth review of the art of sniping in war and anti-terrorist environments. Drawing on a vast, firsthand knowledge of sniper skills, former British Army sniper and sniper instructor Mark Spicer describes the role of the sniper in peace and in war, in reconnaissance and counter-surveillance, in cities, in vehicles, at night and by day. He presents crucial information about training and equipment, judgment and positioning, details of great relevance to professional marksmen, both military and law enforcement. This comprehensive manual will also be of interest to hunters, weapons enthusiasts, competition shooters, and paintball participants. Illustrations, diagrams, and related information throughout.250 color photos; 6x9 inches, 256 pgs.

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